The KROENERT Group is the world leading supplier in custom engineered converting machines and components for coating, lacquering, laminating and drying of web-like materials as paper, cardboard, polymer film and metal foils. These machines operate from reel to reel and produce following goods (examples):

The KROENERT Group – solutions for maximum efficiency and quality.

KROENERT , Hamburg , Germany
The strength behind the Kroenert name is a well-earned reputation for the development and manufacture of customized coating and laminating equipment since 1903. The company maintains this strength today through the highly qualified and innovative employees and their passion for exceeding customers’ specific requirements.

Drytec Trockungs- und Befeuchtungstechnik, Norderstedt, Germany
DRYTEC has established a leadership position as the world’s foremost supplier of drying and remoisturizing equipment for the paper, film and foil processing industries. DRYTEC combines its tradition with innovation to find the individual solution for the customer’s requirements.